CASE STUDY: Over 4,000 commuters visit Froglife stand in 7 day roadshow of London Stations

Frogllife promotion at Liverpool St Station

Froglife promotion at Liverpool St Station



  • Froglife is a national wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles (frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards), and saving the habitats they depend on.


  • To raise awareness about amphibians and reptiles in the UK, and how the public can help them at home/in their local green space.
Froglife Promotion at Liverpool St Station

Froglife Promotion at Liverpool St Station


  • A roadshow for one day per location visiting Network Rail London Stations: Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Paddington, Waterloo, Victoria, Kings Cross and Charing Cross.
  • Froglife took along their wildlife tunnel exhibition to educate commuters using the stations with expert engagement officers to answer any questions.
  • The roadshow was split due to the pandemic. Pre-Covid-19, the Froglife London team also offered their common toad virtual reality experience to allow commuters to ‘become a common toad’ and see the challenges they face in the UK landscape through the animal’s eyes’. The team adapted to relevant Covid-19 guidelines to continue its roadshow in the summer of 2021.
  • Froglife also brought along models of the common toad, great crested newt and common frog for the commuters to see and a selection of free booklets for people to take.
Froglife at Liverpool St Station Booklets

Froglife at Liverpool St Station


  • Overall 4,011 commuters visited the Froglife stand over the 7 individual days.
  • This is significant for Froglife, as it raise awareness of the charity to a new audience -the commuters during this roadshow were from a wider breadth of London’s population.
  • The attendance of a few select stations exceeded the average attendance at a Froglife pop-up in London.
  • Froglife would use stations for promotional activity again, potentially to showcase the community tapestry that has been made on this project.

“Visiting the main train stations in London has enabled us to reach a far wider audience than we would normally engage with.

To speak to over 4,000 commuters over the 7 days has increased our brand awareness significantly and we used our social channels to amplify the activity to our online audience and supporters.”

Emily Millhouse, London Tails of Amphibian Discovery (T.O.A.D) Project Manager, Froglife

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