The SpaceandPeople Group markets sell and administer promotional space as well as on-mall and short-term retail space in high footfall venues, including shopping centres, garden centres, city centres, retail parks and train stations. We match brands, promoters and retailers to the venues and footfalls that are right for them.

SpaceandPeople are commercialisation space specialists

Whether you are a small local retailer or a global brand, we match your campaign to the correct venues to achieve your objectives. We provide an end-to-end service from the design and installation of mall retail kiosks to ongoing visual merchandising support for retailers, financial management and activity analysis.

We have a full range of promotional space in shopping venues throughout the UK and also have our own network of digital promotional kiosks in shopping centres and other high footfall venues such as train stations.

As high footfall venue commercialisation experts, we have experience in creating mall strategies for all types of high footfall venue.

SpaceandPeople Services

  • Brand Experience

    We offer consumer brands the opportunity to promote products through direct consumer engagement with experiential marketing events. We also recently launched our sister site showcasing experiential locations:

  • Promotions

    We can help you promote your business in a number of ways. Not only do we offer promotional space, we also have a network of Promotional Kiosks.

  • Retail

    SpaceandPeople works closely with our retail clients. Our expert team speaks to each retailer to understand their business objectives. From this, we deliver the best locations and solutions for their retailing needs.

  • Our Venues

    We work with a wide range of venues. In addition to our broad portfolio of shopping centres, we also have a wide selection of national and regional train station. For a selection of our venues, please visit our Venue Spotlight.