Recent Announcements

16th October 2020 Half-year/Interim Report
7th October 2020 Change of Registered Office
24th September 2020 Extension for reporting interim results
18th September 2020 Board Changes
27th July 2020 Result of General Meeting
15th July 2020 Change of Adviser
8th July 2020 Director disclosure
3rd July 2020 Posting of Annual Report & Notice of GM
29th June 2020 Final results for the year ended 31 December 2019
24th June 2020 Result of AGM
1st June 2020 Notice of AGM
1st May 2020 Further Covid-19 and Business Update
24th April 2020 Further Covid-19 and Business Update
2nd April 2020 Holding(s) in Company
31st March 2020 COVID-19 and Business Update
27th March 2020 Director/PDMR Shareholding
20th March 2020 Appointment of Executive Director
19th March 2020 Notice of Results Update & Dividend Cancellation
24th February 2020 Holding(s) in Company
13th February 2020 Holding(s) in Company
3rd February 2020 Trading Update
6th January 2020 Directorate Change
21st October 2019 Holding(s) in Company
2nd October 2019 Grant of Options
30th September 2019 Interim Results
4th July 2019 Director/PDMR Shareholding
2nd July 2019 Grant of Options
24th April 2019 Result of AGM
29th March 2019 Notice of AGM & Posting of Annual Report
25th March 2019 Dividend announcement
25th March 2019 Preliminary Results
27th February 2019 German Contract Extension / New Pilot Centres Started
30th January 2019 Significant Property Opportunity
29th January 2019 Trading Update
3rd January 2019 Holding(s) in Company
8th October 2018 United States Marketing Agreement with MG Malls
28th September 2018 Director/PDMR Shareholding
28th September 2018 Interim Results
17th July 2018 Renewal of Contract
3rd July 2018 Holding(s) in Company
24th April 2018 Result of AGM
24th April 2018 Non-Executive Chairman Resignation and Appointment
3rd April 2018 Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report
27th March 2018 Dividend Announcement
26th March 2018 Preliminary Results
19th February 2018 Contract Renewal and Expansion
17th January 2018 Holdings in Company
15th January 2018 Pre-Close Trading Update
25th September 2017 Interim Results
13th July 2017 Holdings in Company
24th May 2017 Prestigious Property Win
19th May 2017 SAYE Share Option Scheme
11th May 2017 Trading Update
25th April 2017 Result of AGM and Directorate Change
3rd April 2017 Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report and Accounts
29th March 2017 Grant of Options
27th March 2017 Preliminary Results
28th February 2017 Promotional and MPK Contract
10th January 2017 Holding(s) in Company
10th January 2017 Holding(s) in Company
9th January 2017 Pre-Close Trading Update
26th September 2016 Half Yearly ReportĀ 
1st July 2016 Trading Update and Closure of S&P+ Limited ("S&P+")
28th Apr 2016 Result of AGM
5th Apr 2016 Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report
1st Apr 2016 Grant of Options
29th Mar 2016 Preliminary Results and Proposed Final Dividend
1st Feb 2016 Contract Win and Trading Update
21st Sept 2015 Half Yearly Report
21st Sept 2015 Pilot contract with Immochan
15th Sept 2015 Holding(s) in Company
2nd Sept 2015 Signing of Contract with Network Rail
12th Aug 2015 Holding(s) in Company
12th Aug 2015 Holding(s) in Company
26th Jun 2015 Award of preferred bidder status
18th Jun 2015 Contract Renewal and New Contract Win
27th May 2015 Holding(s) in Company
24th Apr 2015 Result of AGM
24th Apr 2015 AGM Statement
23rd Apr 2015 SAYE Share Option Scheme
1st Apr 2015 Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report
24th Mar 2015 Dividend announcement
23rd Mar 2015 Preliminary Results and Proposed Final Dividend
23rd Jan 2015 Pre-Close Trading Update
13th Jan 2015 Holding(s) in Company
13th Jan 2015 Grant of Options
6th Jan 2015 Director/PDMR Shareholding
3rd Nov 2014 Directorate Change
7th Oct 2014 Directorate Change
11th Sep 2014 Director/PDMR Shareholding
11th Sep 2014 Appointment of non-executive director
11th Sep 2014 Trading Update - September 2014
11th Sep 2014 Interim Results for the 6 mths ended 30 June 2014
4th Sep 2014 Holding(s) in Company