Sometimes relating to your target audience doesn’t always come naturally, so let’s take a look at what to do, and what not to do when talking to your consumers.

Take Millennial’s for example, a segment of consumers which are frequently misunderstood by brands. The most important thing to understand about this group first and foremost, is that they do not like being referred to as “Millennials”. This huge audience feel that brands are pigeon-holing them, generalising them in order to effectively market to them, but this is something Millennials have realised and not surprisingly, do not appreciate.

There are a number of other factors about marketing which bother this group, such as a brand’s choice of vocabulary. Brands that chose to use slang or abbreviations are perceived to be desperate and over-eager in terms of trying to relate to their audience. This is in direct contrast as to how this group want to be spoken to, Millennials want a relationship with a brand who speak to them like an adult and not just a generalised consumer group. In fact, an estimated 83%of Millennials think the use of abbreviations such as YOLO, BAE and FOMO are a poor attempt by brands to relate to them.

Talking to consumers like real people is more likely to inspire customer loyalty and therefore provides a foundation to build a relationship upon, which is something these consumers seriously value. They want to be spoken to like human beings, and feel that it is time brands got real and stopped the façade, and instead stayed true to their brand aesthetic.

As a brand, it can be difficult to stand out in this hyper-competitive world and sometimes you can get lost in the crowd. Consumers aren’t really that hard to understand, they want to be talked to and not at. Interaction is a two-way street, and as a brand you need to be as interested in your customers as they are in you/your brand. Millennials value honesty and authenticity, and tend not to tolerate brands they feel have a narcissistic attitude, or speak with too much corporate jargon. They want relevant, fun and relatable content.

Consumers aren’t to be feared, brands should never feel intimidated in terms of engaging with their audience, because Millennials in particular enjoy having a relationship with a brand.

They aren’t that scary after all!