As the health and wellness market expands it can be harder to differentiate your brand – are pop-up shops the answer to standing out?

In recent years there has been a noticeable shift in consumer preferences in the UK towards increased use of vitamins and supplements. Consumers are actively seeking solutions to improve their health and wellbeing with a focus on convenient options. In 2024, consumers are focusing more on personalisation and are aware of their own health needs. Due to this, they are looking for products that cater specifically to them. Choosing the right supplements can prove tricky for consumers shopping online, which is where the pop-up shop concept comes into play…

Diso Dissolvable Vitamins

This year we worked with dissolvable vitamin brand Diso to launch their first standalone pop-up shop within Manchester’s Trafford Centre. Their product allows consumers to take vitamins without the need to swallow a pill. The vitamin strips they offer simply dissolve on the tongue. The brand had an existing retail presence both online and in stores including Boots and Superdrug. They were keen to begin selling Direct To Consumer (DTC).

Diso used our Rock Up and Pop Up solution to open their pop-up in a high-traffic area of The Trafford Centre, outside John Lewis. This exposure has helped to introduce their brand to individuals who may not have discovered their products otherwise. Customers at their pop-up benefit from their knowledgeable staff onsite who can discuss Diso’s products and vitamin combinations, and recommending the best products for them. Their mid-mall retail kiosk has proved to be a fantastic way for the brand to raise awareness and offer a personal sales experience for their customers.

Just Bee Vitamin Honey

In summer 2023, we began working with vitamin honey brand Just Bee. The brand wanted to bring their online business into the physical retail market. Following their first trial pop-up at The Trafford Centre, Manchester, it was clear that the product worked well being sold in a physical retail setting. Their range features various flavours of honey with added vitamin benefits including Vitamins D & C. Their products provide consumers with a convenient and tasty way to consume vitamins. Just Bee have now retailed with our Rock Up and Pop Up service at various venues across the UK including Westfield London, Bluewater and Metrocentre. Retailing with pop-up shops has been an ideal way for Just Bee to expand their business. It has afforded them the flexibility to trial new venues, raise brand awareness and further build upon their e-commerce sales.

Launching a Pop-Up Shop

Launching a pop-up shop provides health businesses with a convenient platform for product testing and market research. It serves as a low-risk environment to trial products and gather valuable feedback from customers. Pop-up shops also create a physical space where customers can interact with your products and services. This allows you to build a memorable connection with your target audience. Unlike online shopping, a pop-up shop allows for face-to-face interaction, creating a personalised shopping experience. This increased level of engagement can help reinforce your brand and its values, making a lasting impression on new customers.

From increasing brand awareness and facilitating market research to expanding your reach and fostering customer engagement, a pop-up shop is a versatile and cost-effective strategy. Our Rock Up and Pop Up solution is a simple and effective way to open a pop-up shop. We have opportunities in the UK’s top retail venues including Meadowhall and Buchanan Galleries. The service includes the provision of a designed kiosk with your own branding and logo, We also install and maintain the kiosk, with the option for merchandising and business planning. In addition, we can provide staffing support if you require. So, why wait? chat to us today about launching a pop-up with Rock Up and Pop Up.

SpaceandPeople can provide retailers of every size with the service and expertise to create a successful pop-up shop. Visit our Rock Up and Pop Up page for more information.

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