Retail Services offered by The SpaceandPeople Group

SpaceandPeople offers three different retail services; Retail Space (both internal and external), Food Retail Space (both internal and external) and POP Retail.

All three services consist of placing retailers in high footfall venues across the UK including shopping centres, retail parks, railway stations and mixed-use locations. The trading period can be contracted to short- and long-term leases, whichever suits best for the client, their objectives for the activity and the requirements of the venue.

Internal or external opportunities are offered at some venues for clients to place their retail activity on a short- or long-term lease basis.

POP Retail, part of The SpaceandPeople Group, specialises in short-term retail activity. The company owns, manages and maintains mobile kiosks throughout shopping centres in the UK, providing flexibility and diversity to venues by offering new and unique products to the market.