In today’s world, visual content is extremely important to the success of a modern business. As 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and processed a staggering 60,000 times faster than text, companies are realizing the importance of visual content.

Take trailblazing social media platform Instagram, based solely on sharing visuals the company has over 400 million monthly active accounts. If content is visual, it is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media platforms. Instagram is widely used by businesses to reach clients, consumers and connect with other companies, and is proving to make a significant difference to how individuals perceive businesses. The same can be said for company websites, a study was undertaken by the Standford Persuasive Technology Lab which revealed 46.1% of respondents said a the design of a website is the number one factor in determining the company’s credibility.

Visual content also helps a customer make up their mind about a product, which can in turn allow for trust to build between business and consumer. Visual content can get the message across, as it is usually snackable pieces of memorable information. Not only does visual content get the marketing message across, it can also enhance the brand as whole, potential consumers will feel they know the brand better if they showcase related visuals and incorporate own brand colours. One of the biggest benefits of using visual content is that it eliminates language barriers. According to Hub Spot, 65% of senior marketing believe that visual assets are essential to how their brand story is communicated. Visual content such as illustrations, photographs and videos can be communicated effectively without translation.

The majority of marketers believe that a larger amount of their budget should be dedicated to creating more engaging visual content. This is an aspect of marketing that is demanding more time and attention to detail, and as a result is being prioritized by marketing executives.

Are you blending visual content into your promotions? If you’re not, here are our top tips:


Use short and snappy pieces of information – You have a 1.5-5 second window to grab the attention of passers-by


Make your content eye catching – Make it visual!


Make sure your content is relevant to your promotion – We don’t want to see cats if your promoting golf!


Take the time to think of the overall message you want to portray – erratic content with different offers and lots of copy can be confusing


Keep it simple – No one wants to try and unravel a complicated message!

Incorporating visual content in your face-to-face promotion is now an absolute must-have! Remember – People recall 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see, but combined it’s a staggering 70%