Powered by SpaceandPeople, POP Retail is a service which provides short-term retailing solutions in venues across the UK.

POP gives retailers the opportunity to sell their merchandise on our kiosks in prime sites at prime times in areas selected specifically for their target market. We want our retailers to achieve the best possible results from POP Retail and create the perfect POP experience.

To ensure retailers are successful we support them from the start of the process right through to the end. The POP service includes sourcing the best venue for their needs, fixture design and manufacture, visual merchandising, staffing and new product development. We have a full support team who can provide pat testing, maintenance, logistics, and signage.

POP is highly focused on delivering a flawless service revolving entirely around our client.

Why choose POP?

We are focussed on our retailer’s success and establishing their aim is a critical part of our integrated service.

Our dedicated POP team will be on site with the retailer to help manage installation and set-up.

POP Retail is a fun and contemporary brand, aiming to revitalise the pop-up retail experience. POP offers a low risk route for retailers to launch or expand, enabling them to test a product, launch a new line, or start a brand new business. The brand also provides the retailer with the POPortunity to meet their customers face to face and be able to interact with them on a personal level.

If you are interested in POPRetail, please contact us at