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Waterloo Station was breaking the ice for Starbucks new Chilled Classics on Friday the 3rd of June by grabbing customer’s attention as a giant ice sculpture dispensed their #UltimateCoolers to help them stay chilled.

As Waterloo is a high footfall venue with 124,920,000 people passing through every year, it provided the perfect location for Starbucks to drive awareness and sample the Chilled Classic product range which includes its chilled Classic Coffee and Caffe Americano.

Inside the station there was a large vending machine posing as an ice sculpture to promote and dispense their cool drinks. Customers were required to tweet ‘#ChilledClassics’ to receive a coin from an onsite brand ambassador which would then be inserted into the ice cube for customers to receive one of 3000 free cooled drinks on site.

The event was greatly enjoyed by all and had customers wishing that all vending machines were this cool, even the vice president of Starbucks visited the station to tweet about the promotion. However, these drinks are not available for purchase at Starbucks itself, but can be bought straight from supermarket coolers.

Starbucks has successfully promoted their products in this way and their social media increased during this time with their hashtags generating a great response as they wished their customers a happy Friday!

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