Clapham Junction railway station is a major transport hub near St John’s Hill in South-West Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction promotional space opportunities

The number of trains that use Clapham Junction make it the busiest in Europe, as routes from London’s South and South-West terminal, Victoria and Waterloo funnel through the station.

Promotional Spaces within Clapham Junction Train Station

There are multiple sites within the train station which are available for space hire. These range in size from 2m x 2m to 2m x 3m. Retailers can use them for a range of commercialisation activities including local business promotions, sampling, pop-up and long-term on-mall retail. There is also 1 external site (8m x 8m). This can accommodate up to 3 cars and is suitable for experiential activities.

Promotional Kiosk At Clapham Junction

The Promotional Kiosk is a digital experiential platform which enables you to promote easily and cost effectively, eliminating logistics and build-costs. This uniquely integrated approach ensures a seamless journey from start to finish. From uploading your visuals to the kiosk to customised lighting to suit your brand. Our in-house design team can help create a branded wrap and display ads to suit your campaign needs.

Our digital kiosks are versatile and can be used for a range of promotional activities such as sampling, display advertising, fundraising and customer acquisition.


Visit our sister site which gives details of the experiential space opportunities at Clapham Junction

You can also contact us directly. Our agents will help you with any questions about the venue or the booking process.