Dog Crèche Increases Duration & Frequency of Visits to Shopping Centre by Dog Owners

Dogmore Play
  • Open a Dog Socialisation Crèche with dog grooming facilities to reduce instances of dogs left unattended outside shops, left in cars and being stolen.
  • Provide dog owners who shop at Ocean Terminal with a facility for their pets to have fun playing with friends and with experienced staff while their owners are in the shopping centre.
  • Opened in September 2015, the crèche welcomes small and medium sized dogs and offers full day care as well as hourly rates, operating an informal drop-in system so people can use it at short notice.
  • The cabin has an outdoor area, ramp access to windows so dogs can look out, a climbing frame, slide, selection of toys and a sleeping corner.
  • Enhances customer experience and convenience for Ocean Terminal’s shoppers and was a significant contributing factor to the success of a Christmas event held at the venue.
  • Customers who drop dogs off for the full-day, use the Ocean Terminal facilities more and often do their food shopping before picking up, or come back at the weekend with their family so the dog can be exercised at the same time.

“The duration and frequency of visits has increased with customers often finding excuses to come to the mall in the first place with many not visiting Ocean Terminal as often as they do now. People also come from further afield as this is the only facility of its kind in Edinburgh and the crèche gets bookings from tourists to the city.”

Sue Shihor, Owner
(Dogmore Play)

Dogmore Play

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