Keeping up with consumers can be pretty tough at the best of times, but with the rise of social media it can be even more difficult to find your way into a consumers’ heart, as well as their newsf eed. Today’s consumers are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements on a daily basis particularly via social media channels, so it’s no wonder they scroll through Twitter and Facebook feeds so quickly, but even then there is no escaping marketing messages and adverts. Consumers are becoming numb, with the majority of advertisements having little to no impact. So what is the best way to engage and excite consumers? How do brands create a memory? And most of all how do they create a real-life experience?



Well, look no further than Dubai Tourism’s latest experiential campaign, which is taking place in London Waterloo this week. While most of us can only dream of sunshine and sand dunes, the commuters of Waterloo are being treated to a virtual tour of Dubai. Tech heavy, this campaign is as innovative as it is stimulating, with various tech tricks and gadgets used to give the closest Dubai experience possible, without having to set foot on The Palm (not that we would mind though!). The campaign features optical illusions and mirages of camels in the distance and various images associated with Dubai, such as skydivers and scuba divers as well as a 360-degree gaming experience.

This campaign has given commuters a taste of Dubai in true Millennial style; it was digital, interactive, innovative and impactful. Most important of all, Dubai Tourism has found the balance of virtual reality and real life brand experience, exactly what today’s consumers are looking for.