Freddie’s Flowers Sets Up Shop in Busy Victoria Station To Display Their Beautiful Range of Flowers

Freddie's Flowers Pop-Up Shop in London Victoria Station

Freddie’s Flowers Pop-Up Shop in London Victoria Station

We have been lucky enough to work with Freddie’s Flowers and place their pop up shop in one of the Network Rail inline units in London Victoria Station.

Freddie’s Flowers is a subscription-based flower service that delivers fresh flower boxes to customers at custom intervals. The service allows customers to receive a surprise selection of flowers and includes instructions for how to arrange them. The pop-up shop is merchandised attractively with flowers, vases and crates, giving the set-up a great rustic flower shop feel. Commuters can view a selection of flowers and arrangements and learn more about the subscription service Freddie’s Flowers offers.

Freddie's Flowers pop-up shop within an inline unit in London's Victoria Station

Freddie’s Flowers has opened a pop-up shop within an inline unit in London’s Victoria Station

The pop-up shop has been very well received by passers-by in London Victoria Station who are able to view flower arranging and sign up to the delivery service. The unique set up definitely caught the eyes of commuters with many people stopping to take a snap.

Freddie’s Flowers was established in 2014 and has grown its consumer base substantiality over the past few years in both the UK and Germany.  Using pop-up retail space has enabled Freddie’s Flowers to display their offering in a physical setting and attract new business.

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