High Chelmer Shopping Centre has a range of promotional space and on-mall retail opportunities in the heart of Chelmsford

High Chelmer Shopping Cetnre

High Chelmer Shopping Centre

Located in Chelmsford, High Chelmer is home to over 75 stores with high street brands including Next, Primark, Topshop, Office, New Look, Boots and Superdry. The Exchange food quarter within the centre, offers a variety of eateries including Carlucchio’s, Banana Tree, Cote Brasserie, Turtle Bay and Bourgee.

High Chelmer is located just a 5-minute walk from the station and a 30-minute journey by train from London with great local public transport services and many city centre car parks, making it easily accessible for all.


High Chelmer

High Chelmer Demographic Profile

There are also 13 million tourists who visit the Chelmsford area. The shopper profile of High Chelmer includes a high proportion of Comfortable Communities (29%) and Affluent Achievers (27%). The centre experiences a higher spend at weekends.There are 986,000 residents within the Chelmsford catchment area. The average household income of £40,000.

Promotional Space Opportunities at High Chelmer Shopping Centre

There are multiple promotional sites located internally within the mall. There are opportunities inside for a full range of commercialisation activities including local business promotions and advertising, brand experience and on-mall retail.

Type of activity which we have recently placed on the internal promotional space sites include:

High Chelmer

MG Motors at High Chelmer

High Chelmer Pretzels

Pretzels at High Chelmer Shopping Centre

High Chelmer

On-mall mobile repair service kiosk in High Chelmer Shopping Centre

For more information:

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