Well, HSBC are in London Victoria today to give us a little nudge in the right direction.

For one day only, commuters of London Victoria Station are being encouraged to write their failed resolutions on a post-it and stick it on to the large #NUDGE display in the station. In exchange for their sharing their resolutions, commuters are rewarded with half price coffee vouchers for Costa Coffee!

HSBC are planning to launch a social media campaign in order to provoke discussion on failed resolutions. The bank is aiming to show how the power of social media can connect everyone & encourage them to spur one another on with the hashtag #NeedANudge.

HSBC’s aim is to remove the unnecessary pressure placed on Brits regarding their resolutions and instead embrace a little nudge from others. This campaign is phase one in the launch of HSBC’s new app., Nudge. The bank is testing whether people are more inclined to achieve their financial aims when they receive gentle nudges from the bank.

The main objective is of the campaign is to generate a buzz around failed New Year’s Resolution and encourage the public to share theirs and support one another.