Still looking for some health and fitness motivation? Well look no further!

Nutrition and supplement experts USN took their latest protein product on a little road trip across the UK during the last week of February. The company brought their ISOCO Protein Coconut Water to a variety of venues ranging from shopping centres and train stations such as Grand Central and London Waterloo. USN covered 5 locations in one week and was met with a fantastic response, and an even greater level of consumer engagement.


Not only was USN distributing free samples of their ISOCO Protein Coconut water, but they were also giving away free full size ISOCO water with any USN purchase at Holland and Barratt! Commuters and passers-by were treated to samples of this delicious and revitalising new drink, at USN’s mock beach bar, complete with a beachy backdrop! Highly experienced and passionate staff members were also on site to lend a helping hand and answer any questions consumers had about the new product.

USN had a great response from the public and attracted a lot of attention with their ISOCO Protein Coconut Water. The brand reaped great benefits with this travelling experiential campaign, as a countless number posted about the event on social media channels such as Twitter. Many people are jumping on board the fitness wagon and USN was always aware of the power their product has for both the novice and the professional fitness enthusiasts.

‘We knew we had the product, but what better way to get it into the consumer’s hand, than to personally deliver it… we sampled to over 3,000 members of the public in one day and it was extremely effective.’

– Chris Sweeney

USN UK Marketing Coordinator