London Paddington Train Station is the London terminus for regional services as well as long-distance services to South West England and South Wales.

London Paddington

Promotional space and sampling distribution opportunities are available in London Paddington Station

London Paddington is a central London train and Underground complex. It is the London terminus for regional services to West London and Thames Valley, as well as long distance services to South West England and South Wales.

The station also offers a regular service to Heathrow Airport.

There is one promotional sites available and multiple sampling distribution points:


Type of activity that takes place on site:

  • Large experiential campaign
  • Brand awareness events
  • Experiential sampling
  • Pop-up shops
  • PR stunts
  • Product launches
  • Promotional advertising campaigns

Type of activity which has recently been on site:

Central London Train Station Activation

Freddie’s Flowers pop-up display in London Paddington Station

Central London Train Station Activation

Med Foods pop-up shop in London Paddington Station

London Paddington Volvic Water

Volvic Water product distribution activity in London Paddington Train Station

Royal Mint London Paddington

Royal Mint & Paddington Bear awareness campaign in London Paddington

Network Rail Ristorante Pizza

Ristorante Pizza product sampling campaign in Paddington Station


The SpaceandPeople Promotional Kiosk is a digital experiential platform which enables you to promote easily and cost effectively, eliminating logistics and build-costs. This uniquely integrated approach ensures a seamless journey from start to finish, from uploading your visuals to the kiosk to customised lighting to suit your brand. Our in-house design team can help create a branded wrap and display ads to suit your campaign needs.

Our digital kiosks are versatile and can be used for a range of promotional activities such as sampling, display advertising, fundraising and customer acquisition.

The type of promotional activity that has taken place on the Promotional Kiosk at London Paddington includes:

Central London Train Station Activation

JWA on the Mobile Promotions Kiosk in London Paddington Station

Gusto Activation Central London Train Station

Gusto promoting from the SpaceandPeople Promotional Kiosk in London Paddington Station


Visit our sister site which gives details of the experiential space opportunities at Paddington Station

You can also contact us directly. Our agents will help you with any questions about the venue or the booking process.