Our MPK’s provide excellent benefits for local small business and national companies alike. A Mobile Promotion Kiosk allows for you to pick the demographic and the footfall that is best suited to your business, providing the perfect platform to raise the profile of your campaign.

So what is it that makes SpaceandPeople’s MPK’s so special? Our kiosks are cost effective and hassle free, as the promotional content is handled and uploaded by SpaceandPeople staff. The content included can vary from videos, photographs, logos and graphics. Our MPK’s also eliminate the use of unsightly pop-up banners, which in turns creates a more professional and modern approach.

According to MDG Advertising, around 67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be of high importance, in comparison to product information which can be very text heavy. To ensure optimum results from our MPK we encourage that the visual content is short and sweet, with little text in order to make sure those on the go can still take in the promotional message being conveyed.

The kiosks range from have 1 to 4 screens, with landscape and portrait available. The portrait screen is especially effective, as this can attract attention from a further distance. Not only do our MPK’s provide visually stimulating and eye catching content, the kiosks are also fitted with lights. These lights can change colour in order to compliment your businesses corporate branding, resulting in enhanced brand awareness.

Promoting through the use of an MPK also allows for a higher level of consumer engagement. This type of marketing can lead to a development in your customer database, allowing you to meet face to face with your potential customers. As previously mentioned, the kiosks are beneficial to large and small businesses. They are excellent for contract selling, making announcements and can also be used as part of a larger campaign.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are interested in promoting your business on one of our kiosks, contact our MPK team at