Press Release: SpaceandPeople Announces New Product To Support Property Companies Post Lockdown

SpaceandPeople launches “Revive” following research which shows that 86% of retailers surveyed are interested in taking immediate space in shopping centres once they reopen.

SpaceandPeople Announces New Product To Support Property Companies Post Lockdown

SpaceandPeople’s new product, Revive, will support property companies post lockdown

SpaceandPeople, the commercialisation and short-term space specialist, has today announced that it is launching a new product, Revive, aimed at supporting property companies whilst they reopen their venues.

Revive offers the provision of pop-up retailers and events into prime empty shop units and vacant space within partner venues.

The Revive Retail offering will provide a short-term solution to new local or online retailers who would like to trial shopping centres, retailers with excess stock and on-mall retailers who may not be able to open due to social distancing restrictions. The shop units would either be dedicated to one retailer or will contain multiple retail products. Revive Retail was conceived following the findings of research carried out by the SpaceandPeople retail team.

Matthew Bending, CEO of SpaceandPeople, says “We were encouraged to learn that there was significant interest in respect to pop-up retail units on a short-term basis. This has been driven by the new rates laws that were passed by Government on 11th March.

Our research showed that 86%¹ of our retailer base polled would be interested in taking immediate space in shopping centres even if the footfall was low and social distancing was in place.”

In conjunction with Revive Retail, SpaceandPeople is also launching a community initiative, Revive Activate. SpaceandPeople has had success with its Activate programme in Network Rail Stations since it began in 2019. Revive Activate aims to fill empty shop units with interesting and educational events, providing additional reasons for the public to visit and property companies with cost-effective marketing solutions.

Matthew Bending continues: “We have the operational capability to deliver these programmes through our in-house operations team and stock of pop-up retail furniture and display equipment.

We appreciate that this is only a temporary solution to the pressing issue of filling units with more traditional retail offers and we are only looking at this as a short-term initiative. We believe that, as a company, we currently have unique skills and products that can be adapted to support our clients.“

[1] Research carried out week commencing 6th April. Survey to 119 retailers within SpaceandPeople customer base.




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