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SpaceandPeople has entered into an exclusive agreement with MG Malls, Inc. (“MG”), in the USA, to introduce and market S&P’s unique Mobile Promotions Kiosk (“MPK”) platform to high footfall venues in the USA and Canada (“Agreement”).

The Agreement is for an initial twelve-month trial period, and pursuant to which, MG will be able to negotiate agreements with mall developers and other high footfall venues allowing them to sell and install S&P’s MPK system.

As the USA’s biggest independent provider of mall media solutions, MG is excellently placed to identify, negotiate and execute the MPK media platform across the continent.

The MPK product range will be supported by S&P’s bespoke software platform which will also enable MG to negotiate licence agreements with third parties.

MG CEO David Parsons said “This platform is an ideal solution for mall space in North America.  It crosses the platform between event activations and retail kiosks by providing clients with a working solution for customer engagement and lead solution.”

S&P CEO Matthew Bending said “We are delighted to partner with one of the world’s largest mall media solution specialists to introduce the MPK platform to the USA and Canada.”

We look forward to this exciting expansion and collaboration.

Matthew Bending, CEO
SpaceandPeople PLC