Toys & Gadget Retailer Successfully Opens 2nd Mall Kiosk Within A Year Of Start-Up With Support From POP Retail

Start-up Raw Gadget, a toy and gadget retailer, trading from a mall kiosk.

Start-up business, Raw Gadget, a toy and gadget retailer, trading from a mall kiosk.


  • Founded in 2017, Raw Gadget was initially conceived to capitalise on the toy craze of fidget spinners.
  • A family-run business, co-founded by two brothers, the business assessed multiple options and decided retailing from a mall kiosk was the best suited route to market due to its flexibility and low overheads.
  • The retailer quickly broadened its product range to include the latest kids’ trends and crazes including slime and squishies.


  • The Glades in Bromley was selected as the venue to open the company’s second mall kiosk due to its demographic and location.
  • POP Retail worked with Raw Gadget on kiosk design, branding and merchandising to ensure maximum exposure on the mall and high engagement with shoppers.


  • The retailer’s friendly approach and family orientated service have had a strong impact on their customer base and they have quickly carved out a niche in the market.
  • The expansion of the product range has proved to be a crucial factor in the growth of the company.
  • Raw Gadget plans to open more on-mall kiosks in other shopping centres whilst maintaining its customer orientated service.

“The opening of our mall kiosk in The Glades Bromley has been extremely effective in allowing us to grow as a business. The nature of the shopping centre attracts the ideal crowd to create an engaging atmosphere.

POP Retail has allowed us to further develop our business by supporting our strategy to open our second kiosk. They have offered us advice and provided support with the wrapping and merchandising of the kiosk to improve our image and help us engage with the shoppers at The Glades.”

Saif-Ali Khan, Co-Founder
(Raw Gadget)