Product sampling is nothing new, but it is still one of the most effective ways to generate a buzz about your product. Who does like to try out something new, especially when it’s free? This is just one element of Dr Oetker’s Ristorante campaign taking place in Paddington Station from Tuesday to Friday this week.

Not only are commuters given a free pizza sample, they are also in with a chance to win a trip to Venice! This part of the campaign involves hashtag marketing, which is a very clever technique as the hashtag specifically relates to Dr Oetker’s promotional activity in Paddington. Those who have received a free sample are encouraged to take a photograph with their pizza and post it to Twitter, using the #myfreshmoment hashtag for the chance to win the trip to Italy.

Product sampling is often referred to as “sensory samples” and Dr Oetker is managing to stimulate the senses of the public, particularly taste and smell, with their delicious restaurant style pizzas. Consumers like to spread the word about their daily experiences via social media and Dr Oetker is using this as an opportunity to create more awareness of their brand.

The awareness doesn’t end there. The brand also has their campaign message on their carrier bags! This enables those who were not in Paddington Station to become aware of the promotion too. The campaign has been very effective so far, as the brand is interacting with face to face with consumers as well as engaging with them on social media.

And after a long day, who wouldn’t want some free pizza on their way home from work?!

Head down to Paddington Station this week for your free slice and a chance to win a city break to Venice!