The street food revolution is making its way to Britain with real street food no cheap, greasy burger vans to be seen, it’s all about true artisan style dishes full of flavour. But it isn’t just the flavour of street food we are all seeking – it’s the experience too. Food trucks can offer just as good a dining experience as any restaurant, heavily branded with logos, colours, music, lights the whole aesthetic of the truck allows the consumer to have the full experience the brand aims to create. On the streets each truck needs to stand out from the next, enticing potential consumers not just with delicious aromas but also stimulating the senses through visual and design elements once again reinforcing the brand image and personality.


Today, many of us are much more aware of the food we are putting into our bodies and food retailers are reacting to this. Numerous food truck owners are now sourcing local produce as well as organic, fresh and healthy options. Using these types of produce enables brands in this market to end the assumption that all food truck vendors are unhealthy, selling only processed and high-fat snacks.


It’s time to take our taste buds on a tour, from Miami to Mumbai the world is full of amazing food and it’s right outside our door. We don’t need to travel to experience different types of exciting flavours, street food vendors are bringing them to us. This is a quick and ever-changing marketplace and the street food market is moving at warps speed, so it’s time for us to catch up with these travelling taste hubs, because we can be part of this food revolution too.


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