Toyota Corolla Hybrid continue their shopping centre tour to launch their latest car to the market at Westgate Oxford

Toyota Hybrid on display in Oxford

Toyota Corolla Hybrid car promotion in Westgate Oxford

The Hybrid vehicle is one of the latest trends within cars. It combines a petrol engine and electric motor/battery system, which has been pioneered commercially so successfully by Toyota. Consumers are choosing to buy hybrid vehicles over petrol or diesel now as they are better for the environment and have lower emissions.

From the 7th – 16th June 2019, Toyota showcased their latest car on the market, the Corolla Hybrid, with an activation campaign at Westgate Oxford shopping centre, which provided the perfect promotional space for thisThe promotional stand activation at Westgate Shopping Centre showcased the hatchback version of the Corolla.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid Oxford

Toyota Corolla Hybrid Interior placed at Westgate Oxford

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