Opportunities Available to Book Retail and Promotional Space at a Range of UK External Shopping Venues

SpaceandPeople has a large portfolio of external shopping venues situated in various locations throughout the UK. We have retail and promotional space opportunities available within many high footfall venues such as Glasgow Fort, Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh, Clarks Village in Somerset and Braintree Village in Essex. 


Local businesses, charities and other organisations in external shopping venues are able to conveniently exhibit their range/cause and benefit from the high footfall at these locations. We offer cost effective rates for space at external shopping venues in a variety of locations throughout the UK to suit both small businesses and large brands. External space can be an ideal option for businesses looking to promote their products/ services, or a new car model for example, as well as charities looking to raise awareness and collect donations. 


Retailers looking to establish a physical retail presence or expand their retail offering have multiple external shopping venues available to them. Pop-up retailing gives retailers access to a large potential new customer base with high footfall throughout the year, especially in the summer and winter months. We offer flexible booking periods to allow you to trial and tailor your pop-up shop and maximise results. 

We also work with a range of beauty retailers and barbers who have taken advantage of the external commercialisation space available at these venues. One such retailer, Elegance Beauty, who we placed at Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh has recently been ranked in the top 3 beauty salons in Edinburgh. Guy & Beard barbers are another notable retailer who has had success at various outdoor venues and operates from converted and custom branded shipping containers. 

The car park space within many of these venues can also be used for a range of commercialisation activities, both short and longer term.  Automotive services placed in car parks such as car washes and windscreen repair all work well as complementary services to car users. 

SpaceandPeople have a range of opportunities available throughout busy external venues including Glasgow fort, Fort Kinnaird, Clarks Village, Braintree Village and more!