SpaceandPeople are the first to know where great opportunities lie, and the rise of commercial activity in Britain’s train stations proved to be the perfect place to start. With a footfall of 1 Billion, over 17 stations nationwide, we decided to dive into the crowd…

Charing Cross was home to our first MPK launch with Network Rail earlier this year, with Virgin Media taking the spotlight. Professional and stylish, our Mobile Promotion Kiosk displayed Virgin Media’s marketing images on three of our sleek flat screen televisions. Visible from all angles the landscape and portrait screens drew the attention of passers-by and allowed a high level of consumer interaction. Promoting Virgin Media’s Television and new Fibre Broadband, our MPK provided amenities which allowed Virgin to remain true to their corporate branding. The use of our led lights provided the brand to showcase their renowned red colouring.

Our MPK’s are a fantastic way to create awareness for your brand. A picture is worth a thousand words and our kiosks can help your brand stand out from that 1 Billion crowd!


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