Yakult UK launched their first ever Augmented Reality Experience also known as AR, with a “magic mirror” campaign.

The Yakult Magic Mirror Campaign experience was developed by Quiet Storm to raise consumers awareness of their science-based products and also to promote the “science of well-being.”

This activation campaign took place in London Waterloo’s Network Rail Station on April 17th.

Yakult Magic Mirror Central London

Commuters observing the “magic mirror” in London Waterloo. Source: Promo Marketing

Commuters in London Waterloo Train Station, were invited to touch Yakult bottle which was seen on the ‘magic mirror’ to trigger a 30 second breathing exercise.  The purpose behind this AR experience was aimed to help commuters clear their heads. Furthermore, it reinforced how the Yakult brand is made by scientists.

Yakult’s marketing manager, Reshma Patel stated that “we want everyone to understand that Yakult is about science and when we talk about well-being and offer tips, we make sure it is all backed by science and it can be trusted.”

The brand is supporting the AR experience with a competition for two, offering the chance to win a spa break with a sampling card. In addition, the brands social media has also featured a variety of well-being tips for its followers.

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