Alpro undertakes their biggest ever sampling campaign to encourage more consumers to ‘Go Big On Plants’ In 2019. 

The activity is taking place throughout February and March on a three-week tour of the UK.

This activation will see 350,000 samples being delivered into the hands of consumers nationwide. The experiential marketing campaign is being supported by roaming sampling units in promotional space.

Alpro activation experience in Central London

Alpro Activation Taking Place at London Victoria Station

Alpro’s sampling promotion is focusing on a pioneering range of plant-based Unsweetened products as part of the brand’s ‘No One Does Unsweetened Like Alpro’ campaign.

“Sugars is a hot topic in the UK, but taste is the number one driver when it comes to food choice. Our one-of-a-kind Unsweetened range contains no sugars and no sweeteners at all and, what’s more, because we use the ‘power of plants’ our products taste naturally great too,” explains David Jiscoot, Marketing Director for Alpro UK & Ireland.

Alpro tasting experience at London' Victoria

Commuters testing out some of the plant-based products

Alpro’s marketing director is looking for shoppers to judge how good the product range tastes for themselves. This sampling campaign enables them to experience the products first-hand with a versatile choice of products during the experiential campaign. The ‘plant-based pop-up’ transports shoppers from the city centre into a calm oasis. There they can take a seat at the DIY toppings bar for breakfast, or consumers can taste a Curry Carrot soup for lunch or dinner.

Alpro marketing experience in Central London

Alpro activation campaign taking place at London Victoria Station on Plant Power Day.

Purity supplied the brand ambassadors for the activation.

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