Charing Cross Station offers both internal and external promotional space.

London Charing Cross

London Charing Cross Network Rail Train Station offers promotional space and sampling distribution opportunities.

London Charing Cross station is a Central London train terminus station in Westminster located between the Strand and Hungerford Bridge.  It serves the majority of commuter/regional services to South East London and Kent.

There is one internal exhibition and one external exhibition site at London Charing Cross Station.

Internal Exhibition Site at London Charing Cross:

The internal promotional space has been used by a number of brands.

Charing Cross - Exhibition Site

External Exhibition Site at London Charing Cross:

The external exhibition site on Charing Cross Plaza is located next to The Strand and offers a fantastic platform for PR stunts.

Johnnie Walker x McLaren at Charing Cross Plaza from SpaceandPeople on Vimeo.

Type of activity that takes place at Charing Cross Station:

  • Large experiential campaigns
  • Brand awareness events
  • Experiential sampling
  • PR stunts
  • Product launches
  • Promotional advertising campaigns

Type of activity which has recently been on site:

Charing Cross Train Station

Amazon Treasure Truck Activation at Charing Cross Station

Charing Cross Train Station

McLaren F1 Johnnie Walker Awareness Activation on the external site at Charing Cross Station

To book promotional space at Charing Cross Station:

Contact SpaceandPeople if you would like to book promotional space in London Charing Station for promotions, exhibitions, PR stunts and product launches.