The Galleries Washington Shopping Centre offers a great platform for customer acquisition, car promotions and pop-up retail activities

Galleries Washington Shopping Centre

Galleries Washington Shopping Centre offers multiple promotional space opportunities

Opened in 1974, The Galleries Washington is home to many retailers including New Look, Next, Thorntons, Boots, Clarks, Bonmarche & Wilko.

Promotional Space Opportunities at The Galleries, Washington

There are multiple promotional sites located internally within the mall. There are opportunities inside for a full range of commercialisation activities including local business promotions and advertising, brand experience and on-mall retail.

Type of activity which we have recently placed on the internal promotional space sites include:

The Galleries Shopping Centre

Stoneacre car promotion at The Galleries Washington Shopping Centre

The Galleries Washington

Pop-Up Flower Shop by POP Retail in The Galleries Washington

Mobile Promotions Kiosk (MPK) At The Galleries, Washington:

The SpaceandPeople Mobile Promotions Kiosk is an easy to use promotional kiosk. The unit has high impact at a low cost and helps with brand awareness, sampling and customer acquisition.

The use of plasma screens offers promoters flexibility to show photos, videos and offers, and the unit has a sleek and modern design with inbuilt storage.

With multi-coloured lighting options to complement corporate branding, and national coverage with local impact MPKs give you the best opportunity to promote or advertise your brand.

The Galleries

The SpaceandPeople Mobile Promotions Kiosk at The Galleries Washington

For more information:

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